The Top 3 Cruise Stocks Seeing Smoother Sailing

With the global economy slowly reopening, we’re quickly finding a good deal of “blood in the street” opportunities in cruise stocks.  If the economy can successfully reopen, and stay open, these are some of the top stocks that could run even higher with patience.

So far:

  • Royal Caribbean (RCL) ran from $31.41 to $72.40
  • Carnival Corp. (CCL) ran from $11 to $24
  • Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH) ran from $10 to $25

With “stay at home” orders being lifted, global economies reopening, and a sizable jump in cruise bookings, cruise stocks have been incredibly explosive.  While the cruise industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak, much of that fear has been priced into oversold cruise stocks. Most will survive, and have become buying opportunities. Industry insiders are seeing big improvement, too.

“We are beginning to see positive signs of improvement versus the last four weeks, which is encouraging. We do feel that we may be ‘turning a corner’ and seeing signs of better booking weeks ahead,” said Michelle Fee, founder of Cruise Planners, as quoted by Travel Pulse.