Opportunity as Niobium Becomes Critical

With EV metal demand showing no signs of slowing, the need for high-quality minerals such as lithium, cobalt, silver, graphite, and nickel will only increase.

The world is also seeing bigger demand for niobium.

For one, with niobium enhancing the strength, toughness and formability of steel, it could see bigger demand with President Biden’s infrastructure plans.  In fact, “Many of the country’s roads, bridges, airports, dams, levees and water systems are aging and in poor to mediocre condition. And they’re in need of a major federal investment to keep from getting worse and to withstand the harsh effects of a changing climate, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers,” as reported by NPR.

Two, niobium has an important role with electric vehicles. According to Niobium Canada, “Toshiba revealed in October last year that niobium-titanium used in lithium rechargeable batteries increases the driving capacity of electric vehicles to 320km on 6-minute, ultra-rapid recharge. According to the Japanese heavyweight, that is triple than what’s currently possible with lithium-ion batteries.”