We’re Still Not Prepared for Future Cyber Attacks

The cybersecurity threat is getting out of hand.

Some of the biggest cities, hospitals, schools, government agencies are still unprepared and still vulnerable.  Worse, according to FireEye, as noted by Cybersecurity Insiders, “Nearly 29% of organizations haven’t tested their cyber defenses for a year and out of them more than half weren’t confident about whether their plans will work as per the expectations.”

Even you’re at risk.  Your most personal information, banking details, social security numbers, your children’s information.

Major companies, like Colonial Pipeline were allegedly so unprepared, hackers were able to access a remote account with a single password, and wreak havoc, says Fox Business.  Even the world’s biggest meatpacker, JBS was hit with a ransomware attack. Unfortunately, there are hundreds more examples of cyberattacks we could list.

Problem is – we’re still not ready for future attacks, forcing the need to address the global threat.