$3 Trillion Electric Vehicle Market
in Desperate Need of Far More Lithium Supply

With An “Alberta Advantage,” E3 Metals Corp. Could Cash in on the Severe Supply Crunch

United States OTC:  (EEMMF) Canada TSXV: (ETMC)

 Press Release June 29, 2021:

E3 Metals Appoints Energy Executive as Chief Financial Officer

The electric vehicle market is creating an explosive $3 trillion opportunity.(1)

One that could fuel big upside for lithium companies like E3 Metals Corp. (United States OTC: (EEMMF) Canada TSXV: (ETMC.V)). After all:

“A global push for EV adoption, helped by government subsidies and incentives, means that demand for lithium is not going away. Companies like Volkswagen, Ford, Mercedes and Amazon having started shifting their focus to electric vehicles,” reports Bloomberg.(2)

But there’s a MAJOR problem.

Lithium demand is far outweighing supply – AGAIN.

The last time this happened, some of the world’s top lithium companies exploded.

  • Albemarle ran from approximately $45.60 to approximately $137
  • Lithium Americas Corp. ran from approximately 93 cents to approximately $10.76
  • Galaxy Resources Ltd. ran from approximately 15 cents to approximately $3.54

 For millions of electric vehicles to actually hit the road, the world desperately needs more lithium supply. But with demand outweighing supply, we’re running into a major problem.

There’s Just Not Enough Supply at the Moment

 According to The Washington Post:

”All the supply from the globe’s major lithium miners Albemarle Corp., Soc. Quimica y Minera de Chile SA, Tianqi Lithium Corp. and Ganfeng Lithium – companies that mine mainly in Australia, Chile and China — probably won’t be enough to meet demand.”(3)

 It could also put the brakes on the electric vehicle hopes of governments all over the world.

  • In the U.S., for example, California Gov. Gavin Newsom just signed an executive order that will ban the sale of gas-powered passenger cars in the state starting in 2035. That means only EVs will be available for purchase in the next 15 years.(4)
  • In Europe, “Automakers need to sell more electric vehicles after EU lawmakers in December 2018 ordered them to cut CO2 emissions by 40 percent between 2007 and 2021, and then by a further of 38 percent by 2030, or face fines.” (5)
  • China just extended its subsidies for EVs, driving even more growth. In fact, according to a McKinsey report, EV market share in China is expected to grow 11 to 14% by 2022.(6)

However, none of that can happen without far more lithium supply, which could put E3 Metals Corp. (United States OTC: (EEMMF) Canada TSXV: (ETMC.V)) in the driver’s seat of a major boom.

Investors looking to be part of the global shift to electric vehicles – and the ongoing surge in lithium demand – may want to consider E3 Metals Corp. (United States OTC: (EEMMF) Canada TSXV: (ETMC.V))

E3 Metals Corp. (United States OTC: (EEMMF) Canada TSXV: (ETMC.V)) is an Alberta-based company that offers investors a chance to invest in a company with three defining traits:

  1. Location Location Location: Building on the backbone of the oil and gas industry, E3 Metals lithium brine resource is located in the industry heavy province of Alberta, optimal for permitting and operations with significant existing infrastructure.
  2. Resource: Sitting on 6.7Mt of inferred mineral resources, this is around the 7th largest lithium resource in the world.
  3. Operational Process: The company has developed a proprietary technology designed to consistently supply a pure lithium product to market in the midst of historic lithium demand.
  4. E3 Metals’ initial development plan is to produce 20,000 tonnes LCE/year with existing infrastructure in place, and an ability to scale up.

And what’s more, compared to others in the lithium space, E3 Metals Corp. appears to be significantly undervalued – at least for the time being.

E3 Metals Corp. (United States OTC: (EEMMF) Canada TSXV: (ETMC.V)) Holds a Lithium Resource Reported to Be the World’s 7th Largest

The first thing you notice about E3 Metals Corp. (United States OTC: (EEMMF) Canada TSXV: (ETMC.V)) is the potentially massive lithium resource it owns in Alberta, Canada.

At 6.7 million tons of lithium car-bon-ate equivalent (LCE) – and at an average grade of 75 milligrams per liter – the company’s resource has already been shown to be one of the largest on the planet.

But the size of E3 Metals Corp’s lithium resource could be even larger as only 34% of the resource over their permit area has been delineated – accounting for the 6.7 metric tons of LCE.

If the remaining 66% of the property were to be accounted for, we might not be talking about the world’s 6th largest lithium resource…but instead potentially the largest.

Just what type of potential could be associated with the 6.7 metric tons of LCE that E3 Metals Corp. (United States OTC: (EEMMF) Canada TSXV: (ETMC.V)) has already accounted for in Alberta?

One industry comparable is Standard Lithium, who doesn’t even own the resource, but is earning into one that is markedly smaller than E3 Metals Corp.

Yet, it has a market cap of an estimated $158.5 million as opposed to E3 Metals Corp.’s market cap of an estimated $16.04 million.

That means there’s plenty of upside potential as word begins to spread of what’s happening with E3 Metals Corp. (United States OTC: (EEMMF) Canada TSXV: (ETMC.V)).

E3 Metals Corp. Announces Joint Development Agreement with the Largest Pure-Play Lithium Company in the World

Late last year, E3 Metals Corp. (United States OTC: (EEMMF) Canada TSXV: (ETMC.V)) announced that it has entered into a Joint Development Agreement with Livent Corporation to advance E3 Metals’ proprietary Ion-Exchange Direct Lithium Extraction process.

Livent is the world’s largest pure-play lithium producer – a pioneer in the industry for over 60 years – and is well-known for being one of the lowest-cost producers of lithium car-bon-ate. With facilities across the globe, Livent holds technical expertise in the extraction and production of various lithium products.

E3 Metals Corp. believes that this collaboration will accelerate the advancement of the innovative technology it has developed to date. And it demonstrates E3’s commitment to the commercialization of lithium in Alberta.

Alberta Offers an Ideal Location for E3 Metals Corp.

While the size of E3 Metals Corp.’s resource is impressive – as is the company’s proprietary extraction technology – it’s also worth noting that the company is located in an ideal location for lithium production.

  • Alberta, Canada is an extremely industry-friendly region for the oil and gas industry and offers existing regulations and permitting processes.
  • E3 Metals Corp.’s permit area in Alberta is blanketed with a vast network of pipelines, wells and roads that are available for the company to repurpose for the production and processing of lithium brine.
  • E3 Metals Corp. is looking to leverage Alberta’s existing infrastructure and know-how, while setting a global standard for environmental performance in lithium production.
  • E3 Metals Corp.’s Proprietary Ion Exchange Direct Lithium Extraction Technology Offers a Huge Advantage
  • E3 Metals Corp.’s high-performing proprietary Ion Exchange Direct Lithium Extraction Process produces a purified lithium concentrate from brines deep beneath the surface in the Leduc Reservoir.
  • The Leduc Reservoir offers a network of existing oilfield infrastructure that is available to be repurposed into lithium production. The reservoir is expected to deliver brine at an equivalent rate to 50,000 tons/year LCE for over 35 years in the Clearwater Area of Alberta alone.

E3 Metals Corp.’s proprietary direct lithium extraction process also offers a number of critical advantages, including…

  • For one, it’s designed to extract high-purity lithium from lower concentration brine,
  • Takes advantage of high flow rates,
  • Concentrates the lithium into a high-grade solution,
  • Removes over 99% of impurities from the brine, and
  • Reduces water handling volumes

The company’s technology has advanced rapidly – with limited capital spending to date – with a stated goal of producing battery-grade lithium car-bon-ate or hydroxide that can be used directly within lithium-ion batteries, allowing E3 Metals Corp. to secure top value for its product.

Just recently, E3 Metals Corp. announced that it had successfully produced lithium hydroxide in the Alessi Lab at the University of Alberta where the purified lithium solution was crystallized into lithium hydroxide.

The lithium concentrate was produced using E3 Metals Corp.’s proprietary direct lithium extraction process and the results provide confidence in the validity of the company’s process flowsheet and represent another important step toward demonstrating the commercial viability of the project.

E3 Metals Corp. is Also Lead by an Experienced Team with a Proven History of Success in the Energy Industry

When evaluating the potential for any energy exploration investment, it’s important to examine the quality of the company’s management.

Chris Doornbos (P.Geo) – President, CEO, Director

Chris is the CEO and Director of E3 Metals Corp, a lithium development company. Chris founded E3 Metals, now publicly listed with the goal of delivering Alberta’s first commercial production of lithium. Chris has experience in capital increasing both privately and publicly, founding of public junior mining companies and the sale and acquisition of mineral properties. Chris emphasizes risk management, developing and managing an exceptional technical team and well-strategized project development.

Chris has successfully driven projects through to the development stages including a very successful track record of capturing value for shareholders by using innovative and out of the box thinking. Chris is a registered professional geologist with a broad range of experience in developing mineral projects across the globe. Previously, Chris was the CEO of Revere Development Corp, the Vice-President of Exploration for MinQuest Ltd and a key member of the early development of the Fort Hills Project in Alberta.

Liz Lappin (P.Geo) – VP, Corporate Affairs and Exploration

Liz is a Professional Geologist with a solid background in capturing value from Alberta’s energy industry. Liz brings this experience to the E3 Metals team as she drives the technical team towards the development of our lithium brine projects. As a great believer in collaboration, Liz is focused on maximizing asset value through technical excellence and creative cooperation between disciplines. Working across Western North America, Liz has acquired a foundation of technical experience with oil and gas majors such as Cenovus, Encana and Suncor. More recently, Liz was the founder and principal consultant at Castle Rock Consulting Ltd., which specializes in geothermal value creation for the energy industry in Canada. Liz is a Fellow of the Energy Futures Lab, and was honored to receive a Young Woman in Energy Award in 2017 for her dedication to challenging industry norms by pursuing a broader energy mix in Alberta.

Rowan Jastrzebska (P.Eng) – Manager, Lithium Process

Rowan Jastrzebska (P.Eng) is a Chemical Engineer specializing in metallurgical and lithium processes across the globe, and was previously CTO with Desert Lion.

Greg Florence (CPA, CMA) – CFO & Company Secretary

Greg has over thirty-seven years of business experience including upstream oil and gas, green technologies, industrial supplies, and agribusiness. In addition to 12+ years as a CFO, Greg has held a number of senior management positions including Corporate Secretary, Director Investments and Vice President Marketing and Corporate Development. His expertise includes finance and accounting, budgeting and forecasting, regulatory compliance, corporate finance, portfolio investment and management and corporate governance. Greg has sat as a director of public companies, private companies and not-for-profits. He is a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta.

Mike O’Hara (P.Eng) – Director

Mike is an oil & gas executive and registered professional engineer with 35 years’ experience in founding, developing and managing profitable, growth oriented oil and gas companies. He has a solid track record in the evaluation, negotiation and acquisition of high quality oil & gas properties and joint venture opportunities. Formerly, Mike was the President of Bernum Petroleum Ltd, President, Director and Founder of Xergy Processing Inc and CEO, President, Director & Founder of Calahoo Petroleum Ltd., a TSX listed E&P company, sold in 2000 to Samson Petroleum for ~$130M.

Peeyush Varshney LL.B – Director

Peeyush has been actively involved in the capital markets since 1996 and has been a principal of Varshney Capital Corp., a private merchant banking, venture capital and corporate advisory firm since 1996. Mr. Varshney obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree (Finance) in 1989 and a Bachelor of Laws in 1993, both from the University of British Columbia. He then articled at a large regional business law firm in Vancouver, British Columbia, from 1993 to 1994, and has been a member of the Law Society of British Columbia since September 1994. Mr. Varshney is also director of TSX listed Mountain Province Diamonds Inc. and TSX Venture Exchange listed Canada Zinc Metals Corp. and Margaret Lake Diamonds Inc.

Paul Reinhart – Director

Paul brings his over 30 years of experience in providing early stage project financing and advisory services. Paul’s experience and expertise in the resource exploration business includes Kokanee Explorations, Far West Mining and Bearing Resources. He is currently CEO of Sora Capital Corp, an Investment Issuer focused on the technology industry. He is also President of Vanhart Capital Corporation, a privately held investment company, specializing in funding and advisory services for early stage companies.

7 Reasons

Why Investors Should Consider E3 Metals Corp. (United States OTC: (EEMMF) Canada TSXV: (ETMC.V))

  1. Global Scale Lithium Resource – E3 Metals Corp.’s lithium resource contains 6.7 million tons of inferred lithium car-bon-ate equivalent (LCE) and has already been shown to be the 7th largest lithium resource on the planet.
  2. Game-Changing Proprietary Technology – The Company is one of the few that has both the resource AND the technology to make lithium from direct brine processes – with outstanding results – that has the potential to produce battery quality lithium for batteries.
  3. Red-hot Lithium Market – Soaring global demand for electric vehicles, consumer electronics and renewable energy storage systems is sending demand for lithium to historic levels making E3 Metals Corp.’s potential for bringing lithium supplies to market potentially even more valuable.
  4. An Ideal Location for Lithium Production – E3 Metals Corp.’s is located in industry-friendly Alberta is blanketed with a vast network of pipelines, wells and roads that may simplify the path to commercial production.
  5. Proven, Experienced Leadership Team – E3 Metals Corp. is led by a team of experienced veterans of the energy and technology industries with a proven track record of delivering success for shareholders.
  6. Attractive Share Structure – With just over 30 million shares outstanding, the company’s share structure is very tight for an early-stage energy exploration company, allowing for plenty of investor upside.
  7. Potential for Significant Valuation Growth – Compared to industry peers – such as Standard Lithium, which has a market cap of approximately  $125 million with a smaller asset – E3 Metals Corp. (United States OTC: (EEMMF) Canada TSXV: (ETMC.V)) has the potential for significant growth in valuation on positive news in the months ahead.

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