Warning: Pandemic Test Kits Running Short on Supply(A)

Coronavirus Threat Driving Big Demand for Test Kits

Datametrex AI Ltd. (TSXV:DM) (STOCK:DTMXF) Capitalizing on $10 Billion Market Potential

9-10-2020: DataMetrex Secures Contract with 7-Eleven

The world is in desperate need for coronavirus testing.(1)

So much so, demand is creating a $10 billion market opportunity, with companies like Datametrex AI Ltd. (TSXV:DM) (STOCK:DTMXF) just beginning to thrive on the testing boom.(2)

The best part — two coronavirus test kits distributed by Datametrex AI, including Seasun Biomaterial’s 20-minute rapid Nucleic Acid test kit just (3) received U.S. FDA Emergency Use Authorization.

News like that is creating quite a bit of buzz for the company, and could create massive shareholder value.

You see, when it comes to the coronavirus, the world isn’t out of the woods just yet.

Not even by a long shot.

With more than 20.5 million confirmed cases now on the books, with 745.600 unfortunate deaths, the coronavirus is still a massive threat.(4)

Canada just recorded its 122,676th case, with a vast majority of cases in Ontario and Quebec.

“Medical experts are also increasingly of the view that a second wave of COVID-19 infections spreading across Canada is a question of when, not if,” says CTV News.(5)

Worse, we may be experiencing a “second wave” of the virus as we speak.

Coronavirus hospitalizations are exploding in Alaska, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, and Utah, too. In Phoenix, Mayor Kate Gallego says, “We opened too much too early and so our hospitals are really struggling.” (6)

Even experts at Johns Hopkins University are warning of another severe breakout, especially with recent riots and protests, state reopening, and a good number of people failing to socially distance themselves.(7)

“There is a new wave coming in parts of the country,” Eric Toner, a senior scholar for Health Security said, as quoted by Bloomberg. “It’s small and it’s distant so far, but it’s coming.”(8)

On a “second wave” of the virus, the world could also run into major test shortages just as we saw with Round 1 of the global pandemic.

After all, “testing is crucial to controlling the coronavirus pandemic. Paired with contact tracing, testing lets officials track the scale of an outbreak, isolate the sick, quarantine those with whom the sick came in contact, and deploy community-wide efforts as necessary,” says Vox.com.

This is where Datametrex AI Ltd. (TSXV:DM) (STOCK:DTMXF)comes into play.

Two coronavirus test kits distributed by Datametrex AI, including Seasun Biomaterial’s 20-minute rapid Nucleic Acid test kit received U.S. FDA Emergency Use Authorization.

“These test kits can expedite the process of testing by reducing testing times, aiding in an earlier detection of the virus, a more accurate prediction of the positive cases, and a decrease of the infection rate,” said Marshall Gunter, CEO of the Company.

Datametrex AI COVID-19 Test Kits Already Seeing Significant Sales

For one, the company just signed a Strategic Partnership and Development Agreement with Transpharm Canada Inc.

Under the terms of the Agreement TCI will work with Datametrex on scoping out services and providing access to its 25,000 sq. ft state-of-the-art testing facility located in Toronto, ON, to provide support and testing services for COVID-19 testing kits that Datametrex has in its portfolio. Datametrex will be providing the COVID-19 test kits.

Two, the company announced the purchase order (PO) of test kids from a Canadian based mining company with thousands of employees in multiple jurisdictions. This PO is for their Ontario and Quebec operations.

Three, it announced it received a purchase order for COVID-19 test kits and services from Canadian based mining company TMAC Resources Inc. with operations in Nunavut, Canada. The initial pilot PO is approximately $200,000.

“Datametrex is pleased in assisting TMAC with implementing testing for response to COVID-19, and keeping its employees, the community in Nunavut safe.” says Marshall Gunter, CEO of the Company. “The thinking is simple; an individual who tests positive before arriving in Nunavut can be isolated until they recover, effectively negating the rate of transmission in the community.”

Four, Datametrex commenced rolling out its screening solutions for health and safety in the education sector in anticipation of Purchase Order from schools and international student recruiting agencies by launching of the new COVID-19 pre-screening and screening tools.

“With schools poised to reopen in Fall, we offer important tool to the education industry. Key is not only opening up the school but also maintaining schools to stay open,” said Marshall Gunter, CEO of Datametrex. “With our pre-screening and screening tools, educational organizations can now provide a safer academic environment to the students and safer workplace to teaching staff with rapid results and trends for COVID-19 in real-time.”

In addition, Datametrex just secured rights to sell and distribute South Korean manufacturer PCL, Inc.’s COV05 COVID19 Rapid Antigen Detection Kits. These test kits are suitable for point of care tests. No extra equipment is needed. They are easy to use with over 97% accuracy, and results are available in 5 to 10 minutes.

“According to the manufacturer, PCL, this test can detect antigens of COVID-19 from a swab in the nose or throat and provide results in 10 minutes with over 97% accuracy,” said Marshall Gunter, CEO of Datametrex. “These almost-instant kits can be easily used at home. With the rise of cases in the United States and throughout the world, we at Datametrex believes it is critical to test and protect.”

What’s Not to Like About Datametrex AI Ltd. (TSXV:DM)(STOCK:DTMXF)?

For one, it’s capitalizing on a potential $10 billion market opportunity, given overwhelming demand for coronavirus testing.

Two, the coronavirus is still spreading rapidly around the world, meaning we’ll need far more tests than ever before.

Three, two coronavirus test kits distributed by Datametrex AI, including Seasun Biomaterial’s 20-minute rapid Nucleic Acid test kit received U.S. FDA Emergency Use Authorization.

Four, the company just signed a Strategic Partnership and Development Agreement with Transpharm Canada Inc. to distribute tests throughout Canada.




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