Top Companies Racing to Keep Millions Safe from Pandemic

Millions of us just want to get back to some sort of normalcy.

We’re all tired of the health crisis.  We’re sick of the masks, the deaths, the shutdowns, and the fears.

To be honest, most of us are just tired of hearing about it – day in, and day out.  Sure, millions of vaccines are being distributed every day. However, infection rates are still rising.  All thanks to new strains of the virus, states lifting restrictions, and signs of crisis fatigue.  On top of that, millions of Americans say they won’t get the vaccine.  At this point, there’s no telling when – or if life will get back to normal.

What we do know is that along with vaccines, health officials agree that contact tracing is essential to control the situation.

In fact, “It will remain the best tool for containing outbreaks among those who refuse, or are too young, to be vaccinated and could provide an early warning sign if new variants prove resistant to vaccines,” says Politico. That’s where a company like Contakt World Technologies (CSE:HELP)(OTC:TLOOF)(FWB:B21)– a digital contact tracing platform can help.  Other top companies racing to help are Laboratory Corp. of America Holdings (NYSE:LH), Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT), Quest Diagnostics (NYSE:DGX), Chembio Diagnostics (NASDAQ:CEMI).